Charity Programs


Life can be hard, and no child, no family should face the tough times alone.

With a national reputation, Children’s Home Society of Florida leads the way in children’s services, where no other organization has the size, scope, or breadth of services to meet children’s and families’ needs. Locally, CHS serves over 11,000 children and families in our community through over 20 programs, including the Ashley Offerdahl Counseling Program.

Through the Ashley Offerdahl Counseling Center, children, teens, adults, and families receive individualized, trauma-informed counseling to learn and practice coping techniques, find and build upon strengths, and work through significant challenges that may include trauma, a history of abuse or neglect, grief, depression, anxiety, family challenges, and more. To eliminate access barriers to treatment, we provide counseling in homes, schools, offices, and online through telehealth. Additionally, children receiving counseling through CHS may also receive telepsychiatry services, if appropriate, which can potentially eliminate a 6 month waiting list for treatment.

Last year the Ashley Offerdahl Counseling Program served 587 clients in our community.

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